I Took On Vegas For The First Time

Jeff Perkins
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Vegas Trip 2018 is in the books. For it being my first (but not last) trip to Sin City, I was determined to do as much as possible throughout the entire trip. Five of my friends and I partied hard, spent a lot of money, and had a great time doing it all together.

When they really say that Vegas is a “world of it’s own”, they weren’t kidding. Whether it be visiting Fremont Street and all of the street performers, exploring the very famous Las Vegas Strip, or even spending time enjoying the beautiful weather, it was a great time.

Day 1:

We landed into Las Vegas sometime in the early afternoon, and have some phenomenal views of the city from the plane.

View from The Airplane

After we settled into our hotel, it was time to start exploring. After first eating In-N-Out Burger for the first time (little overrated IMO), we decided to explore the strip at night, and do a little gambling.

As usual, we struggled in the blackjack tables, but still had a great time.

Front View of The Bellagio
Front Entrance to Caesar’s Palace
A view of the Eiffel Tower

Day 2:

While we were very tired from our traveling from the day before, we spent the rest of the day exploring even more of the strip, and eating great food also. The New York, New York hotel and casino was an incredible view, and definitely my favorite building in the city.

The New York New York Hotel

Day 3:

On the third day, we spent out time visiting the famous Fremont Street. It was incredible to see all of the street performers, and various different food vendors, and casinos. We ended the night by going to the top of the High Roller, which gives a view of the city from nearly 550 feet in the air!

Fremont Street View
A street performer on Fremont.
Our view from the High Roller

Day 4 (Last Day):

On the last day, my friend Ben and I wanted to go the famous skyscraper called the Stratosphere. The views were incredible, and we ended the day by seeing the welcome to Vegas sign.

View from the Stratosphere
The World Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
Our view from the Stratosphere.

All in all, the trip was one to be remembered, and I can’t wait to go back and see even more of the city.

PS: If you go to Vegas, bring a lot of money. It is expensive!




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